Annual Report 2011


Annual Report 2011 

For the Bury St Edmunds Woodturning Club 2012, has been an exciting and constructive year. At the end of a successful 2011, we had the opportunity to hold the club in our present venue, DJ Evans. For this we must thank Richard Evans for allowing the use of the premises, Roger Ling and George Trugett for their welcome and support, and to Jan and Alfie for their untiring support during club nights. Attendance has doubled from the 18 who attended the opening club in January 2011 to 36 who came in January 2012.


Thanks to the rising numbers of members and their continued support we have a healthy bank balance, and we have been able to book some top rate demonstrators. One unsung hero here is our own David Elliott, who is ready to demonstrate at any time, and for my money he does as well as many of the guest demonstrators.


We joined the AWGB in 2009 with ten members, and this year we have 34 so far with one or two more to come. Being in the AWGB gives us some major advantages, free insurance, a demonstrator’s grant and the quarterly magazine ‘Revolutions’. Without this support we would have struggled to survive the first year financially. I also received a lot of help from Brian Partridge with setting up the club and dealing with the AWGB.


Last year we had some outstanding demo’s, Andy Coates, Bill Care,

Nick Arnull, Terry Smart Fed Wright and others. Two events, which were a great success, were the June BBQ and the Christmas Party


We made a major contribution to the primary school my Grandson attends, following a major flood there we replaced many of the toys they lost and gained some first rate publicity in the local press.


All of this depends on the continuing support of the members and we look forward to an equally successful 2012


Ron Davis   17 January 2012

By Ron Davis on February 28th, 2013