Annual Report 2012



Annual Report 2012


Once again I have the pleasure of reporting a highly successful year for 2012.


Membership is up, and attendances are around the high thirties to low forties nearly every month. Many members travel many miles to attend club nights and are always ready to support club events.


Thanks to this continuing support we have had some first class demonstrators at the club, Mark Baker, Mick Hanbury, Simon Hope amongst them, not forgetting our own Dave Elliott and Jeremy Laing from Mendlesham Chairs.


Financially we are also doing well, the end of year accounts show that we had a surplus of £343 in 2012, and we have spent this already on the new TV for club nights.


We have another top flight line up for you in 2103. We will of course treat you to a BBQ in the summer and another party in December.


I have to make one special mention of Howard Dyson, Howard has been to many exhibitions and woodworking shows over the year and he has reported on these for us. All these reports are on the club website for you to check back on. Howard’s reports are always informative and entertaining, in particular his comments on the catering facilities are always invaluable.

The club does have a web site, and it does have a section called Your Turn, although some of you are shy about using it, please feel free to make a comment and you will always get at least one response if only from me!


Special thanks as always, to Richard Evans for allowing the use of the building for club nights, and Roger and George for their support. It is fair to say that we could not run the club with out Jan and Alfie.

Ron Davis   30 January 2013

By Ron Davis on February 28th, 2013