Annual Report 2013



We come round to another year and another report, and it is another great year to report on.


We started with some dismal weather on our January club night, with Mark Raby giving us some valuable advice on finishing. In spite of heavy snowfall we still managed to get 24 of you to turn out. This is a measure of the support we have been getting from you all since the club began. Thanks to your continued support throughout the year we have been able to get some top-flight demonstrators to the club.


We have a steady turn out of forty to fifty members each month, a small increase on last year.


Finances are healthy, showing a small increase in the bank balance since last year. Although we have had some extra expenses, we bought a TV, some other A/V bits and pieces, a lathe among other items, we still covered everything. We are particularly grateful to Richard Evans for getting a donation of £200 from Curtis Holt, which was intended to help pay for the TV. This came as a great surprise when Richard presented us with the cheque.


We have forty AWGB members now, which will enable us to get a grant for demonstrators, and the club insurance.


As always a vote of thanks to Richard Evans and all the staff of DJ Evans who work so had to make us both welcome and comfortable on club nights. It is thanks to two pillars of support, the members and the staff of DJ Evans that enables us to do the things we do.

Ron Davis


24 January 2014




By ron davis on February 24th, 2014