Mick Hanbury gave an interesting demo last month; I look forward to your take on his three-sided bowl. Even if this is not for you I thought that some of his comments on tool use and sharpening were useful, as Mick says understanding the tool is vital to getting the results you want.


Those of you who saw the oversized cosh I made for the Hospice might like to know that I have given it to them and it was well received. I was also asked about the Xmas decorations we made in 2013, and that they were all sold. We do not know how much was raised, but what they did say that they would love us to make some more, and now they have found the club email address I am sure they will be in touch!


This month we have Mervin Cadman, Mervin works in faux ivory and other synthetic materials and has promised to make a shaving set for us, considering the number of beards we have in the club I am not sure how useful that will be!

Ron Davis

04 April 2015

By ron davis on June 25th, 2015