Hi Everyone, a slightly new look to the newsletter, my computer is in dry dock and I have had to dig my old one out.


Last month we had Willy Rackham, who told us every thing we needed to know about archery, if you went to weird and Wonderful Wood Willy would have given you the chance to try some of the bows he has made. Vic tried his hand managed to hit the target!


This month we have the BBQ, so please come hungry! The usual arrangements apply, no club dues this month, but please see David on the way in so we know how many people are in the building.

There will be a raffle and Howard will find you with a book of tickets, and as always please bring a raffle prize, you have always been very generous in the past and I am sure you will be the same this month.


We have the competition and it is for a timepiece. Something which will record the passage of time, by whatever means and all in a space of 300mm by 300mm with a bit more for the pendulum.  All the rules for this were in recent newsletters and these are safely stored my other computer!


Victor has said that in order to get a decent display you are asked to make more than one entry, but you can win only one prize.


I do not know about you but I have enough clocks in my house, and I intend to donate my entries to the Hospice, if you wish to do the same then leave your entry with me and I will take them all in together.


Next month we have a welcome return of Mark Baker and we look forward to another great evening with him.


Ron Davis

28 May 2015

By ron davis on June 29th, 2015