Sorry if this is later than usual, but the excitement of having a bank holiday was a bit too much!

I though that Mervin Cadman gave us something to think a bout, I like the idea of creating my own resin casting and then making a shaving set, Mervin said he would pass on a lot of information if you are interested, let me know and I will give you his contact details.

I learned last month that Fred Wright has died, we ill remember Fred from our early days when he came to the club to demonstrate. Fred always gave an informative and at time hilarious evening.

This Month we have Willy Rackham, Willy is well known for his love of archery and will tell us a lot about the making of medieval bows and archery in general.

In June we will have the BBQ and the latest competition, I am hoping for some original ideas on recording or measuring the passing of time.

Ron Davis

05 May 2015

By ron davis on June 25th, 2015