October Newsletter

Hi Everyone, Good news and bad news, Nic Arnull gave an entertaining and informative demo last month which was good.

Less good is that we, have to ask you once again to cough up your AWGB Dues, it is now £18 for individual members and £28 for family membership. Howard will be collecting the money this month, as I will be helping Graham with the photos. Please try to bring the correct money as we very quickly run out of change.


I will be talking to you on Monday about the possibility of making more Christmas decorations for an as yet unnamed charity, I will tell you more on Monday.

This month we have Peter Nicholls. Peter supplies DJ Evans with woodturning blanks and will tell us a bit about seasoning wood and an interesting demo in the second half.

Peter would like to use a Steb Centre for his demo, but he has only got a No 2 Morse taper, if any one has a No1 MT Steb centre he can borrow we will be grateful.

Ron Davis

09 October 2015


The 2016 Club Calendar

As always we will be offering you a club calendar for 2016. 

This year I would like to see a new crop of pictures, which we can use to show the world what we are capable of. 

Can you please bring in something you have made, so we can photograph it. 

You do not have to make some thing especially for this, just something you have made and are proud of. 

This is not a competition and there are no prizes.

I will try to get photos from twelve members, and I will try to avoid using any thing, which has been in either a club leaflet or a previous calendar.

We are having them professionally printed so lets make this a special one.


By ron davis on December 4th, 2015