September 2016

Hi Everyone, well what did you think of Ryan’s demo last month? I did say there would be something special and Ryan certainly gave us that, I reckon we will have the club table full of square turnings now!

It is great to see how Ryan has developed his turnings over the time he has been a club member, He started with bowls as big as a dartboard and gone on to do some amazing things.


This month we have Nick Arnull, Nick has given us some good demo’s in the past and I look forward to another good evening.


Next month we will have Peter Nicholls, Peter supplies DJ Evans with their wood blanks so hopefully we will learn something a bout them and their sources.


I hope to see most of you at Cressing Temple Barns on the 12th or 13th September for the European Woodworking Show.

Ron Davis

03 September 2015 

By ron davis on September 7th, 2015