Cressing Temple Sept 2012

The European Woodworking Show

Cressing Temple Barnes

22-23 September 2013.

We had planned to go on the Saturday, and when we saw the weather forecast we knew we had made the right choice. We had a nice warm sunny autumn day, which is more that the Sunday attendees got!

Arriving early we went to the coffee bar for a bacon sarnie, courtesy of Mick.

We found many of our friends there, making a social event out of the show; we counted fourteen members on the Saturday. There were nearly enough for a club meeting.

The axe man was there with his range of axes and demonstration of medieval hewing. Vic took a keen interest in the young woman using a froe to split green logs.

There were several suppliers of timber, turning blanks and larger pieces of all manner of timber types, with some of the more unusual, and expensive varieties on the Lincolnshire stand.

The whole show had a heavy bias towards woodcarving, and there were some superb examples of craft in the Essex Woodcarving Club Stand. We were asked to vote for our favourite, using the criteria which one would we take home if we could. The ruled out the nudes of course, but we did make our choices.

Mt Watanabe was astounding us all again with his skills with Japanese woodworking tools, cutting perfect tenon’s with a pulls saw. The AWGB stand had a wonderful selection of work by members, the outstanding pieces being the segmented work on display.

As always we chatted our way round the stalls, talking to Terry from Chestnuts, confirming our booking with Mark Baker, harassing rather than chatting to the Mendlesham Chair people, our October guests, and many more.

I visited the Clifton Planes stand and bought a stick of polishing compound, I thought it was worth a try. I got it home and sharpened a plane and was surprised at the result, rub this stuff on a piece of leather and use it to remove the burr left after sharpening. I found that with a few strokes I had a shine on the blade and could take finer shavings than I had before, nothing for it but to do all my planes and some chisels.

The food was superb as well; there was a BBQ in the shape of a steam train, which did a lovely bacon roll, a Chinese takeaway van, and our choice chowmein, which we ate in the walled garden, feeding scraps of noodles to the goldfish.

We could have had a lesson in fletching, green woodwork, pole lathe turning and sign writing with a router.

Mick came away loaded with wood, whilst Vic and I were more lightly loaded. All in all a varied and interesting day and well worth the visit

Ron Davis



By Ron Davis on September 30th, 2012