East of England Woodworking Show

Detling 2014


The three of us, Vic, Mick and me, set of on our regular visit to a wood working show. After the demise of the Ally Pally show and the doubtful future of the European Woodworking show at Cressing Temple, the South East Woodworking Show at the Kent County Showground at Detling is one of the few left within a days outing for us. We set out after the usual checks to see if I have the tickets (I haven’t forgotten them yet!) we collected Mick on the way and set off for what should be a peaceful trip, and it was apart from Vic having an argument with the Sat Nav.


Argument or not we got there in good time to find a table in the refreshment area chock full of Bury Woodturners all tucking in to a bacon roll. The Detling show is a great day out if you don’t mind catering from a burger van!


The show was as interesting as always, with many of our favourite

Exhibitors, Simon Hope was there with his sanding arbours and with a bit of arm twisting by Vic and Mick I bought a magnetic light for the club, this is a wonderful little gadget, as the light can be attached to the tool rest or even the tool it self, we will be using this at the club soon.


Some people stocked up with bandsaw blades at the Hamilton Beaverstock stand, whilst I headed for Peak tools looking for a bargain, and found one is some clamps for £3 each these were a real bargain and I bought two of the five and regretted not buying the lot!


I went to some of the club stands and had some interesting discussions on how other clubs are run, and made some useful contacts. Orchard Woodturners were really helpful and we compared programmes and the problems of trying to run a club library.


I did not get close to the Kent Woodturners Stand, as there was always a group of people watching David Elliott senior with a gadget he made of routing on the lathe, I did speak to our own David Elliott though.


Mark Baker was demonstrating and in between demos I did get to speak to him. Mark is always ready to talk to people and offer some useful tips.


Romi Jones showed us some truly outstanding pyrography, and as last year she was willing to tell us how she does it and to let us have a go if we wished. Well we tried….


Somehow I have become less interested in the gadgets on show and more into the demos and meeting people. I stood and listened to one demonstrator showing a small group of people a few tricks on how to use a scroll saw. Having had some fun with one of these in the past, I learned a surprising amount in the tem minutes I stood there eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation, one tip was to put masking tape on the work, trace the design and then cover the work area with sellotape this apparently makes cutting easier, he had no real idea why this is so, but suspects that the tape gives some lubrication.


I could list the stalls there around 25 all told but I will mention just a couple, Robert Sorby were there and I bought a 1” tap and die set and so far I have made one test hole and treaded it. It works well but I am still thinking of a project to use it on!

I spoke to Ashley Ilse and there is a real possibility of getting a small group to visit there works later in the year.


All told I had a great day out, further enhanced by a visit to Axminsters new showroom at Sittingbourne. Lots of people to meet, a wonderful packed lunch and a peaceful ride home as we switched the sat nav off!

Ron Davis

05 April 2014




By ron davis on April 7th, 2014