Seminar at Little Thetford

All Day Seminar at Little Thetford near Ely.


On Saturday 13 October 2012. Richard Peter, and myself went to an all day seminar at Little Thetford near Ely. This is the home of the Ely Guild of Woodturners who ran the event.

The professional tutor was Dave Reeks from Canterbury in Kent.


We arrived at about 9.20am signed in and paid the £10 fee and chose our lunch from the menu. Lunch was £3 extra.


Tea, coffee and biscuits, and then ready for the 10.00 start. First session was a yew vase about 9” tall 3½” wide roughed to a round with a long grind gouge, add a bit of shape, forstner bit for the hole then long grind gouge to finish inside and out.


At 11.15 coffee and biscuits and then to the second session a sycamore platter about 10”dia, a small bowl in the middle about 4”, a bead on the outside edge, then he used a mini Arbortech on an angle grinder to texture the rim, then latex masking fluid on rim and bowl in the centre, the sprayed with red dye on the inner and outer red rim. When dry, a sharp skew on the edge of rim and on the bowl to sharpen the edges then peel off the latex mask, and finish of choice, job done.


Lunch break, tuna and mayo spud side salad add dressing and pepper, followed by apple and chocolate sponge and custard, magic.


The third session a large chunk of walnut, 15” dia, 6” thick, not accurately cut (out of balance) placed up against a open jaws on chuck, tailstock tightened and switched on, (I am glad I was not right in front of the spinning block) on the tail end he cut a chucking spigot, then turned the block round in to the jaws and used a single blade to cut two bowls out of the centre.

Tea, coffee and biscuits again and into the fourth session, boring a hollow form with a Dave Reeks contraption, he has made around a thousand of these. Mainly out of 2”*1” steel box section, a ¾” steel bar with a little brother hollowing tip made by Hamlet.


Thanks to all, a bit of clearing up, all in all a good day.


Howard Dyson


You are lucky to get this report, the first one Howard sent the dog found!


By Ron Davis on December 4th, 2012