The International Woodworking Show at Cressing Barns

Last Saturday, 1st October, we went to Cressing Barns for the International Woodworking Show, I say we as it seemed that half of Bury St Edmund's Woodturning Club was there as well.

The weather was truly,phenomenal with temperatures around 30degrees C, this in October! Well at least the ice cream van did well.

The show was well supported by various trade stands and woodworkers. Turning was well represented, what with Mick Hanbury, and Brian Partridge there we covered a wide spectrum for the beginner and expert alike. Brian gave a demo on how not to turn, and had catches galore. He had not lost his touch, he was demonstrating how catches occur and explaining them in simple terms. Mick on the other hand was showing his vacuum chuck, something he may bring to the club next year when he will come to give a demo.

There were many tool stands there offering a wide range of tools, mostly Flexicut carving tools, and disappointingly, very few turning tools, still there is always DJ Evans on a club night discounts as well. We found Mendlesham chairs and were grateful to sit down, still we have booked them to talk to us in the autumn next year.

An unusual demo was by the well known Japanese wood worker, Mt Watanabe, he took about half an hour to plane a 3 foot long 2 foot wide ash board  absolutly flat using just two Japanese hand planes. He had a fairly good command of the English language, and somehow, using few words and some quick sketches, he got all of his points over well. Watching him take a series of 3' long shavings from that board was something to see.

All in all a great day out, few bargains but we do not expect many when we go there, anda wonderful Chicken Chow Mein  for lunch, good food, good entertainment and good company, you ask

Ron Davis

By Ron Davis on October 6th, 2011

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