Turn East

Turn East

By Howard Dyson


I attended the 11th bi-annual seminar run by Bernard Rose and his committee on behalf of the Norfolk Woodturning Society, at Fakenham High School on Saturday 18th August.

We arrived at about 9.10, signed in and was given a sticky label with name and club we were representing (Bury St Edmunds) off for coffee and biscuits a walk round the show tables, there were some very nice pieces on show. The first Session was


          Bob Chapman          Better Bowl Turning

          Mark Sanger          Offset lidded form

          Jason Breach          Wooden Balls (My choice)

          Richard Findlay          Routing on the lathe


Jason used a holesaw with the teeth ground of to true the shape after roughing out. (Up to about 1 ¼” or 40mm) Remove from between centres and place between two nylon cups. To remove pips. For larger balls, rough out freehand the place between two nylon cups one to drive and one live tailstock. To multi position and true up the ball.


We went back to main hall for coffee and biscuits and then off to the second session.


          Bob Chapman          Adventures with bowls

Mark Sanger          Square natural edge bowls from green wood (The one I chose)

          Jason Breach          Simple box with flowing curves

Richard Findlay          Walking sticks (Long thin turning)


Mark used Holm oak (not that green!) and turned the wings down to 3mm or 1/8” on a small bowl, about 2 ½” He used a point tool to form a bead on top and bottom of the bowl edge. Alas too thin = two pieces. He rushed into another one, which was ok.


Back to the mail hall for a fantastic buffet lunch, with a very good selection of meats and salads also a good selection of sweets teas and coffee.


During the lunch break there was time to peruse the trade stalls.

Ashley Iles with a range of tools, Axminster small electronic lathe and lots of chuck jaws. Carroll Tools quick-change sanders and microplane’s John Hanchet and Peter Nichols both had a selection of woods. Simon Hope with his top quality tools and abrasives, also Jean Huish with turning fittings, clocks pottery lids and plaques.


Then off to the third session


          Bob Chapman          Small boxes, (this one I chose)

          Mark Sanger          Contemporary narrow neck vase

          John Breach                   Thin bell bowl

          Richard Findley          Hand cut barley twists


Bob made an acorn and cup in two woods, cup in sapele and the seed in sycamore. The lid was quite tight so it did not fall apart when laid down.


Off to the main hall again for afternoon tea, again a wide selection of cakes and sweets (Magic!)


          Bob Chapman          Craft show favourites

          Mark Sanger          Small hole hollow form with concealed insert

(The one I chose)

Jason Breach          Bubble lid box

Richard Findley          A baby’s rattle


Mark turned between centres, cut a tenon on both ends, roughly turned to an urn shape, parted off the top ¾”. Hollowed out the bottom half, turned inside of the top, super glued the top to the bottom, reshaped to finish.


Back to the main Hall, where the draw had taken place, so we checked our numbers. There were some very good prizes given by the traders, thanks to all those who gave.

We hen made our way home after a very good day


All the very best


 Howard Dyson

By Ron Davis on September 7th, 2012