Weird and Wonderful Wood

Weird and Wonderful Wood


We recently revisited the Weird and Wonderful Wood Show at Haughley Park. A fine weekend sandwiched between to windy and showery weeks, it made a nice day out.


Nearly all the stalls were as last year, giving the show a familiar feel, equally familiar were the people I met, it seemed that half of the club were there on the Sunday, which probably means the other half were there on the Saturday.


We had treats from a pole lathe turner, a wheelwright and several turning clubs and turners as well. Lacking the usual trade stalls, and having a huge collection of individuals and small traders, it made for a friendly and informal gathering, with just about everyone willing to talk to me.


One of the reasons I went was to see who I could get to come to the club next year to give a demo and I did manage to get one or two to let me have email addresses and I hope to book them later. One man who did confirm on the spot was Fred Wright, so look forward to another amusing and informative evening next spring.


There was a great deal for children to do, making puppets, climbing up a tree on a rope and bouncing on a net. Making junk jewellery and best of all, a pile of off cuts and some nails pus the necessary hammers and they kids could make what they liked.


Some wonderful furniture in the shape of tables and chairs made from great slabs of various hard woods, would, had I bought some, mean moving house to make room for them.


One stall not to be missed was Dave Elliott and Dave Elliott, no not a mistake, our Dave and his Dad!


The food was good with sausages, a café and some wonderful ice cream, oh and a ten-foot tall tea lady with a tea trolley, even I had to look up to her.


To round it all off, there were strawberries on sale.



By Ron Davis on June 6th, 2012